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Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Candice, Natalie and Gemma, three school friends, teenage girls on the cusp of womanhood facing the intellectual challenge of examination grades and the emotional challenge of coming to terms with their developing sexuality.  For these three, ‘Private Tuition’ takes on a whole new meaning!

Candice, a shy but beautiful brunette with an olive skin and shapely figure, in awe of her single tiger-mum, a hot-shot corporate lawyer who has high ambitions for her daughter. The tutor she hires to help Candice with her maths improves her grades, increases her self-confidence, and more!

Natalie, the youngest and smallest, with dirty-blond curly hair and big grey eyes, looks like a waif from a Dickensian novel. But she has a dirty mind and experimental nature, seducing Gemma’s mum’s boyfriend whilst Gemma’s and her mum are out for the day!

Gemma, the oldest, best developed, and known as ‘melons’ to her school-mates, has an unsatisfactory introduction to sex with a boy her own age.  She makes up for this by having a three-some with her mum’s new boyfriend and Natalie!

In 'Private Tuition', Candice, Natalie, and Gemma, together with Candice's mum and tutor John, describe their experiences in their own words. Although best read in sequence as a novella, each story is self-contained.

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WARNING: The stories in Private Tuition are intended for readers aged 18 and above, who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sexual activity and robust language.

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" The style of writing of this short story is one that I find personally to be most effective in presentation of an image of life from the perspective of a supposed storyteller in the first person. The reader is allowed to see the parameters of the character from the actual leading subject.

It is more impressive to me in that the author is not actually of the female persuasion yet manages to catch the nuances of feminine thinking that constitutes a great deal of the narrative. I have attempted this in many different stories but my writing is lacking a genuine feel for the character except in some stories where I have created a scenario that is to some degree genderless or the character relies on other characters to flesh out the description.

This story of Gemma is one that forced me to read it straight through from beginning to end without pausing for a single second savoring each word in anticipation of the next. I liked Gemma, I lusted after Gemma, and I wished Gemma was writhing under me in abject pleasure. At times, I wanted to spank her and tell her she was a naughty girl and other times I wanted to get lost in her soft and yielding lips. In other words, the erotic overtones were more than satisfying from a male viewpoint.

On the other side of the coin, female readers would find the story convincing because of the sheer weight of feminine observation. I sense that female readers would not be turned off by Gemma’s temptations but would rather be excited by her naughty thoughts because they were so much like their own.

The flow of the story is light and easy to consume and it builds to a climax in more ways than one. I liked the use of other characters even though they were not developed to a point where they became central to the story.

All in all, this story really should not have “The End” written at the bottom, it should be instead “The Beginning”. I would certainly recommend this story to adult readers everywhere that have a desire to read well written and interesting content that leaves one wanting more, more, and more."

Harry Lime

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"I've just read a couple of your stories and I'm taken by your descriptive language. What particularly caught my imagination in this story is the way you described having your clothes removed, having him feeling around your bum before slipping knickers over your skinny hips, what a lovely delicious thought. Easily puts me in the picture to imagine being present. A fly on the wall, isn't that the ultimate position for the voyeur? ;) Keep writing, I'll keep enjoying!" Jeremy

"Lovely story; really like that you switched the perspective from one story to the next and managed to get the tone right for each "author" given their respective ages."

"Absolutely beautiful ! Well paced, stirring and the word pictures are a delight."

"Another wonderful story. Your stories are so well done. I fail to understand why they don't get a lot more reader downloads. I think as they are discovered they will accumulate followers that will want to read all of your stories written and posted to the site." HL